Track Review: Public Access TV // In the Mirror

Public Access TV continue to make ripples in an infectious and light-hearted genre with their new track ‘In the Mirror’. If the name is still unknown to you, make sure to make to make a note because with their omnipresent excitement, they are bound to be turning ripples into tidal-waves at this year’s festivals.

Announcing itself with a shamelessly seductive drawl of ‘all I wanna do / is make a move’, ‘In the Mirror’ is laced with flirtatious whispers from singer John Eartherly layered on top of a repeated guitar and drum line. With the band’s infectiously poppy sound you can’t help but be reminded of the excitement Palma Violets stirred when they first arrived, with PATV’s fast moving short burst of guitar pop excitement guaranteed to cause a teenage frenzy  when they support Circa Waves on their UK Tour in November.

While the band might be more pop-drive than their New York big brothers The Strokes, Eartherly’s voice has a raspy, rugged quality not dissimilar to Casablancas’ which demands cannot help but make you weak a the knees with his lingering swoons. While the days might be getting shorter and the night getting longer here in the UK, Public Access TV are able to inject some much-needed, fully-loaded American sunshine into our winter blues.

Words by Juliette Rowsel


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