Track Review: The Jacarandas // Watergun

Originally posted on The Indiependent on November 6, 2014 in Music, Track Reviews


What is it with Birmingham bands and their obsession with water, hey?

Birmingham’s latest band on the block provide a refreshing and light-hearted nod to the 60s with their latest track ‘Watergun’. With a guitar solo that could swoon even the most cold-hearted of souls and harmonies that leave you weak at the knees, ‘Watergun’ cannot fail to leave you smiling.

A laid back and song-yearning of summer and sunshine, you can’t help but swept up by The Jacarandas’ gust of cheerfulness. Even their command of ‘let it rain over me’ fails to dampen the all-empowering mood of happiness that floats throughout the song. A song that builds throughout with an array of chiming guitar lines, a clatter of cymbals and chirpy backing-vocals before waving good bye with a sweet wistful guitar strum, The Jacarandas certainly inject a bit of old-style romance back into guitar-pop.

Words by Juliette Rowsell


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