Best gig of 2014: Jaws @ The Oobleck

Perhaps what made this gig so special about Jawshometown gig was the sense of ownership the crowd possessed over the band. It is always a special sight seeing a band grow from just another local band around town to a band that is selling out venues across the country, and Jaws’ performance at The Oobleck earlier this year was no exception to. As I wrote in my original review of the gig, “maybe it’s this sense of community, this sense of entitlement, the sense of home that accompanies Jaws’ return that makes it so unique”. Indeed, Jaws appeared indebted to the crowd who bounced off their every move, with lead singer Connor Schofield admitting to the crowd “Birmingham: this is home” in a way that revealed a sincere sense of thanks to a fanbase that helped secure them a status of ‘B-town’ pioneers alongside the likes of Peace and Superfood.

jawsneww970A gig that roared through songs from the band’s debut album ‘Be Slowly’ while also featuring an array of fan favourites from their much loved ‘Milkshake’ EP, it was a gig that surpassed everyone’s expectations. The crowd was filled with a non-stop energy that seemed almost out of character for Jaws’ laid back and breezy summer sound, which was perhaps perfectly summarised by one NME journalist as sounding like ‘the internal monologue of a sunbathing cat’. In fact, despite the cool air that Jaws possess, this was the first gig where I ever had to leave the crowd for a few minutes to catch my breath because I simply could not handle the extreme pace to which the crowd was rocketing. And for someone who goes to a lot of gigs, this was certainly surprising. This was the gig where Jaws finally became men, stepping out of the shadows and proving their unique sound to be worth your attention. Bravo Jaws, and thanks for a tremendous night. Bravo.

Words by Juliette Rowsell


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