Track Review: Eskers // Deep

Beginning with a guitar line that can only be described as pure funk, Eskers’ latest track ‘Deep’ is a nostalgic yet refreshing take on guitar music.

Never at any point trying to sound brash or cocky, what Eskers produce is a subtly cool and polished track in which all instruments build carefully off one another to create a driving melody bound to get any crowd excited. Influences from fellow Birmingham band Peace are clear, keeping in the same rhythmic vain from Peace’s latest single ‘World Pleasures’.

Lyrics like ‘you’re just a shell of your former self / relegated to the bottom draw’ give the song a raw and sentimental edge, but the rapid bass and guitar line prevents the song from ever becoming soppy. Lead singer Joe Khalique-Brown’s assertion of ‘don’t stop the way you’re moving / carry on the way you’re going / I’ll sit in my bedroom staring at the wall’ sounds genuine and relatable – when was the last time you stared blankly at your bedroom wall lost in a haze of memories over a certain someone?

Ultimately, ‘Deep’ feels like that cool but mysterious group of guys at sixth-form who watch over the common room smoking some strange type of foreign cigarettes, but who are also completely alluring – effortlessly cool. Eskers produce the perfect balance of a nonchalant nostalgia with a driving bass and guitar line to remain calm and collected throughout. Always maintaining their effortlessly cool sound common to all their tracks, Eskers show us a glimpse into their sentimental side, something which is bound to win over even the most cold-hearted of beings.

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Words by Juliette Rowsell


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