13 things I learnt from seeing Peace in Birmingham

1). There is literally no such thing as wearing too little clothing to gigs. Girls: if you wanna bear some flesh, go for it. Do not let any dumb-ass fuckboys tell you you’re a slag for doing so – after all, you’ll be the one laughing after all your lad friends come out of the gig looking like they’ve spent their evening tied to a hog-roast.

2). Anyone who wears Doc Martens, skinny jeans, a turtle neck and a denim jacket to a gig are instantly limiting their night to end in utter boredom. Ok, they might look pretty hot, but do not let this fool you. Anyone who leaves a gig looking selfie ready, has not got the point of “”gigging””. Moral of the story? If you don’t leave the gig looking like shit, then you’ve definitely done something wrong.

3). Do not try and down a pint of beer in the last minute before the band come on. Bad idea.

4). The harder you jump, the harder the people around you jump.

5). The only “”””bad”””” place to be at a gigs is the very outskirts of the crowd. I’m gonna raise the controversial opinion that the back can even be pretty good at times if you wanna get down and dance without fear of being elbowed in the face. But the sides of the crowd? Yawn. The very edges of the crowd is for the previously mentioned people who don’t want to get their denim jacket sweaty. As I said, yawn. 

6). Having long hair at gigs sucks. Even if you tie it up people still seem to drag you by your hair across the room – certainly not a recommendable experience.

7). Gigs are literally the best form of exercise ever.

8). It’s not the end of the world if you loose your friends in the crowd. Just keep grooving and moving with the people around you and just enjoy the music already.

9). Anyone who tries to film the band during their most popular song deserves to get their phone knocked out of their hand. Just saying.

10). Superglue your shoes to your feet. My friend lost his shoe within one minute of entering the crowd (lol what a fail).

11). Home crowds are the best. There is literally no disputing it.

12). Some people are just not designed for gigs. It’s a fact of life. Being 5″3, asthmatic,  practically blind and having not even thought about physical exercise since Year 11 PE lessons, I am one of these people. However, you’ve just got to suck it up. When life fucks you over you’ve just gotta fuck it back.

13). People bloody love music.

Words by Juliette Rowsell


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