Track Review: Jellyskin // She Sung Oceans

Like the song title suggests, Jellyskin’s latest single ‘She Sung Oceans’ is a beautiful concoction of minimalist guitar chords and wistful vocals that wave in and out of consciousness. Like the ocean, the song begins by gently rippling at our feet before building to create a tide that is enough to submerge us in the band’s dream-like existence.

Zia Larty-Healy’s vocals weave their way through the song like a chord that ties everything together; delicate and haunting, nebulous and distant, her distinctive voice and Jellyskin’s laid-back vibes give the band an edge that is reminiscent of Slowdive and other shoegaze classics. Constantly sounding like they’re hoping for greater things, the wistful quality to their tone provides an optimistic outlook in which one dreams of setting suns over the far horizon.

If Larty-Healy’s vocals is the water that tickles your feet as you skip across the sand, the drums (provided by Ollie Neville) is the sunlight that flares blindingly across the water. Especially in the song’s finally crescendo, the gradually intensifying sparkle of symbols teamed with a roar of guitar from Will Ainsley, the song ends in a final crashing tidal wave that is ready to wash everything up in its midst. The band have a vision of euphoric tranquillity, one that you become as equally swept up in.

While this may only be the second single from the Leeds-based band, Jellyskin have shown that they have the potential to make waves in this increasingly popular psychedelic, shoegaze genre.

Words by Juliette Rowsell


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